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MSU Divestment Campaign


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We are a group of Michigan State University alumni, students, and faculty working to divest the university’s endowment from fossil fuels and fossil fuel infrastructure.  We are asking you to pledge an amount you are willing to donate once MSU removes all capital from fossil fuel investments.  MSU’s endowment has millions of dollars invested in the future of fossil fuels. This money perpetuates the industry—allowing for the lobbing for protective legislation, dissemination of misinformation, and the blocking of productive policy efforts. We’re here to change that!

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future. Here’s how you can help.

Our Alumni Divestment Campaign is a plan to present the MSU administration with consequences for delaying action, while also offering an incentive for ethical change. First, we are organizing alumni to stop donating to the university until it removes all capital from fossil fuel investments. Once the university enacts the divestment, all pledge money for this campaign will be donated. Many schools, including the University or Michigan, have already divested from fossil fuels —why not MSU? Help us make our alma mater follow through with a commitment to truly GO GREEN!

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Add your name and pledge below to support our fight against climate change!

Your privacy is important to us, and DivestMSU will not share your name or personal information beyond our lists of supporters to be presented to the University. Upon divestment, DivestMSU will contact those who pledge, and will suggest your donation be made to MSU within 30 days. However, a pledge of support does not create any obligation of funds. No funds will be collected by DivestMSU.

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In the Divestment News

University of Michigan Divests

Relentless student pressure and the cold facts of the bottom line forced an institution with close ties to the car industry to reverse course in just six years.

Boston University Divests

Acknowledging climate advocates who helped push for change, President Brown says decision puts BU on “the right side of history”

Harvard Divests

Harvard University will divest itself from holdings in fossil fuels, President Lawrence Bacow said Thursday.

Rutgers University Divests

“We are doing our part to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations of students, while continuing their access to an affordable education.”

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